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Microwave Friendly Potato Chips Maker Set (2 Sets )

Microwave Friendly Potato Chips Maker Set (2 Sets )

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DIY  Microwave Friendly Potato Chips Maker Set with 1 tray, 1 slicer and 1 fixture.



how to use:

1. Put the potato chips into the flavor bowl for 3 to 5 minutes according to your taste

2. Then insert the chips into the baking tray, making sure to insert the chips of each chip so that the potato steam can be easily sent out

3. Put the basket in the microwave oven and adjust the cooking time (3 to 5 minutes



Net weight: 0.6lb








Environmentally friendly materials, non-toxic, safe and high temperature resistant, easy to use, clean

Essential tool for microwave oven, can effectively prevent food from dumping and uneven heating

Easy to use, put the slices on the shelf and put them in the microwave for a few minutes, then you will have your own fresh crispy potato chips

Suitable for making potato chips, potato chips, carrot chips, yam and other potato chips

DIY gadgets for potato chip lovers. No oil, salt or any other additives required, very healthy

Package Included:

2 * potato chips tray

2 x slicers

2 x fixture



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