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Portable 4 heads Massage Pillow

Portable 4 heads Massage Pillow

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Relaxation Massage Pillow. Its portable and convenient to carry it around with you.

Had a busy day at work? Enjoy a 5 to 10 minutes massage with this 4 head upgraded massage pillow.

This device is equipped with 2 different Massage Modes along with Infrared Warming Technology.

Whether you prefer Kneading or Shiatsu massage and with our without  heat, this massage pillow can provide you quick muscle relaxation therapy.

The infrared warming technology provides a soothing heat(can be heated to 40℃/104℉) that delivers a warm and gentle massage to boost blood circulations. 

Auto Direction Adjustment: Built-in with auto movement adjustment to better control the motion. It will change direction every minute.

With its 15-Minute Auto Off and Safety mode. The device will not overheat or use even you fall asleep.

Simply programmed with 15 minutes auto-off and overheat protection functions, the device will automatically shut off to ensure user's safety.

Ergonomic Design and Widely Used: Our pillow massager fits perfectly behind neck and body contours of lower/upper back, abdomen, waist, calf, and thigh areas. 

Product Type: Neck Massage Pillow
Working Modes: 2 Modes (Kneading and Shiatsu)
Working Temperature: 40℃/104℉
Car Input Voltage: 12V/1.5-2A
Power Rate: 20W
Power Supply: 110V (US Plug)
Auto Time Setting: 15 Minutes
Color: Black
Material:  Faux Leather, Mesh and ABS Material.
Flexible Strap Length:  Approx 12.60"
Car Cigarette Lighter Cable Length:  Approx 43.31"
Car Charger Length:  Approx 46.86 " 
Item Size:   11.82" x7.48" x3.15:
Item Weight:  1.78lbs


1.Clean the surface filth and wipe by wet cloth (If necessary, can apply small amount of cleaner, do not use chemical solvents).
2.It is detachable. Do not immerse the electric neck massage body in the water or wash by water.
3.Please take good control of massage time. 15 Minutes/Circle is recommending
4.Please do not use the massage within 1  hour after dinner.


Package Include:
1x Neck Pillow Massage
1x Charging Adapter with Cable
1x Car Cigarette Lighter with Cable
1x User Manual



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