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Pet Paw Hair Clippers With LED Light

Pet Paw Hair Clippers With LED Light

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Pet Paw Hair Clippers With LED Light
This Trimmer is Perfectly for Trimming The Hair Around Faces, Eyes, Ears, Paws, Buttocks

The pet hair trimmer features an adjustable, low-high speed design, to give you the best way to trim the hair for your pet and give them a perfect look.  Cordless design gives you the flexible to trim the hair at different angles.  

Product : Pet Paw Hair Clippers
Output: DC5V/1000mA 
Charging Time: 4 hours
Running Time: 1 hour 
Maximum Speed: 6500r/min 
Power: 6.5W
How to use: 
1.You have 2 choices of speed level, simply push the button to switch between them. 
2. Remember to turn off the device after use and clean the blade.
How to clean and maintain? 
1. Clean the blade with cleaning cloth or brush(included)
2.Storage the device in a dry, ventilated place.
1. Please use the matching USB cable to charge, to ensure that the charging voltage meets the product requirements. 
2. Do not charge during use. 
3. It's normal the clipper gets a little bit warm during use or charging.
Package Included:
1* Electric Pet Paw Hair Clipper
1* USB cable
1* Hair scissors
1* Cleaning brush
1* User manual
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