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Pet Adjustable Reflective Chest Harness

Pet Adjustable Reflective Chest Harness

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Pet Adjustable Reflective Chest Harness

Color: Blue, Pink, Red
Material: Vegan suede, polyester
Season: Any season
Features: detachable
Type: Chest strap

Size: XS, S, M, L, XL

Size Neck Chest
XS 11.02-12.6" / 28-32CM 12.99-16.53" / 33-39CM
S 11.81-13.78" / 30-35CM 14.96-17.32" / 38-44CM
M 13.39-14.96" / 34-38CM 15.75-18.11" / 40-46CM
L 14.17-16.54" / 36-42CM 18.11-23.23" / 46-59CM
XL 19.29-22.05" / 49-56CM 23.23-25.59" / 59-65CM 


1. Made of breathable mesh material, which is light and thin and breathable.

2. The I-shaped chest and back conform to the pet's body shape. It fits the pet's body well, without restraint and pressure.

3. The strap buckle can adjust the length of the buckle arbitrarily, so this can fit the pet perfectly.

4. The chest strap of the product is equipped with a 150cm length thick traction rope, which is convenient to go out and walk the pet.



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