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Guitar Repair Kit Tool Set 45 Pcs set

Guitar Repair Kit Tool Set 45 Pcs set

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Guitar Repairing Tool Kit



Not only used for Guitar, but also can be used for other things, like Ukulele and Bass.

(Hexagonal wrench)

hexagonal wrench set for most kinds of acoustic guitar, electric guitar and bass.

Use for locking hexagonal screws on the bridge, adjusting the guitar neck.

Use for various gauges for you adjusting truss rod efficiently. 





(Tool kit storage bag)

Tool kit storage bag easy to storage handy carrying case, compact musician maintenance repair tool kit, ideal gift for beginners or proscenium.


Package includes:


color: rgb(51, 51, 51);">10 x Guitar stainless steel fret crowning luthier files


color: rgb(51, 51, 51);">1 x Feeler gauge (from 0.0015 inch to 0.035 inch)


1 x 13 Different size stainless steel needle file

9 x Stainless steel understring radius gauges

1 x Stainless steel string action ruler

2 x Fretboard fret protector guard

1 x Guitar string winder

1 x String cutting pliers

6 x Guitar bridge pins

1 x Grinding sponge

1 x String spreader

8 x Allen wrenches

1 x Grinding stone

1 x Carrying case

1 x Wiping cloth

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