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Good Night Sleep Weighted Blanket Queen Size

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Get a good night sleep with this 20lb weighted blanket.  Weighted blanket provides a calming and secure embracing feeling.  Many users have commented receiving longer sleep time with the weighted blanket.


- Can be used not only for sleeping, but resting on the sofa or reading.  Blanket is made from breathable natural fabric, hypoallergenic, non toxic, and odorless glass beads.
- Weighted blankets helps reduce the range of movement while you sleep and helps your body to relax by providing the security feeling of gently hugging your body.
- The ideal size of the weighted blanket for best comfort is 10% - 12% of your body weight ( give or take 1 pound), this blanket is 20 pounds.

- Cleaning is easy, gentle machine wash in cold water and air dry or hand wash. For longer durability can be used with a duvet cover to protect the blanket.


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