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Dragon Flash VR Gaming Headset With Controller

Dragon Flash VR Gaming Headset With Controller

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 Dragon Flash VR Gaming Headset comes with a wireless controller and a removable headphone.  The 3D phase sound technology brings you audiovisual experience in 3D space, with perfect sound quality it makes you unable to stop.



Size: 8.3"x 7" x 4.3"
Audio: Stereophonic Hi-Fi earphone
FOV: 100 - 110°
Focus: Nearsightedness : 0-600°
Compatible phone: 4.7-6  Inches
3.5mm headphone jack

Function button:volume (addition and subtraction) and playback pause, answer the call

Package Include: 
1 X 3D VR Virtual Reality Glasses 
1 x Controller
1 X User Manual 




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