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Cat Scratching Ball Toy

Cat Scratching Ball Toy

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The Cat Scratching Ball Toy is a must-have accessory for your beloved feline friend. Designed to provide endless hours of entertainment and exercise, this innovative toy is perfect for keeping your cat engaged and happy.

Crafted with high-quality materials, the scratching ball toy features a sturdy and durable construction that can withstand even the most enthusiastic scratching and playing. The ball is covered in a textured sisal material, which is known to be irresistible to cats, encouraging them to scratch and claw without damaging your furniture or carpets.

The unique design of this toy incorporates a small bell inside the ball, creating an enticing sound that will captivate your cat's attention and add an extra layer of excitement to playtime. The bell's gentle jingle will stimulate your cat's hunting instincts, encouraging them to pounce, bat, and chase the ball with enthusiasm.

Not only does this scratching ball toy provide an outlet for your cat's natural scratching behavior, but it also doubles as a playful exercise tool. Rolling the ball across the floor will entice your cat to chase and swat at it, providing a fun and interactive way to keep them active and healthy.

Compact and lightweight, this toy is easy to carry and move around, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Whether your cat prefers to scratch, bat, or simply lounge around, the Cat Scratching Ball Toy offers a versatile and engaging experience that will keep them entertained for hours on end.

Invest in this fantastic toy and give your feline companion the ultimate scratching and playing experience they deserve.

Protect your furniture from scratches and satisfy your cat’s natural scratching instinct with our solid wood and hemp rope furniture protector. Our product is easy to install and environmentally friendly. It’s also simple, fashionable, and versatile, blending in with the modern furniture style of your home. Attract your cats to play and bring joy to them while keeping your furniture safe.


    • No. of Tiers: Single Layer
    • Material: Wood
    • Item Type: Scratching Posts


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