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Auto Windshield Repair kit 10 Bottles Value Pack

Auto Windshield Repair kit 10 Bottles Value Pack

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Windshield Repair Kit. 10 bottles pcs. Repairing your auto glass crack has never been easier with this Windshield Crack Chip Repair Tool Kit.

Each set comes with 10 bottles. 

It allows you to heal and repair various types of damage caused by traffic accidents, impacts, collisions, blows

This repair kit color is transparent and not yellowish. It will not give you the secondary cracking appearance.

If its a simple crack, why waste the money to purchase a new glass while you can simply repair it.


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This kit is easy to use. Hassle Free. Follow the instructions and get your glass fixed quickly.


Important info: 

- Once your windshield has a small crack or dent, cover the damaged spot with clear tape to prevent moisture and dirt from entering the damaged area.

- Repair is required as soon as possible to prevent the dispersion of small cracks.

- Prepare yourself with a UV light or make sure to have sunlight while working on this as the glue will dry under UV light. The best performance is to work under  temperature is 60 to 90 degree Fahrenheit (15 to 32 degree C)

- Make sure the damaged area is clean and dry before the repair.

Important! It is recommend to use safety goggles and gloves with this glue to reduce the risk of chemical contact with skin and eyes.


Specs : 

1 Set (10 bottles)

Material: Resin glue


Color maybe slightly different from the image shown above. 



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