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Acupressure Massage Mat for Tension and Relaxation

Acupressure Massage Mat for Tension and Relaxation

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Acupressure Massage Mat for Tension and Relaxation

This holistic acupressure massage mat works by stimulating acupressure points to activate your body natural healing defense.  A total of 6210 acupressure points.

Mat is ideal for:

  • Reduces aches, pain, stiffness, stress and tension
  • Targets upper body, head, shoulders, neck, legs, hips, foot,
  • Stimulating blood circulation and relaxation
  • Helps with insomnia
  • Relieves migraine

Size: 26.77" x 16.53"

For beginners you may put a thin blanket over the acupressure points before use.


Results may vary. This is a relaxation device and Not a medical device. Purpose of this unit is for relaxation and not for medical treatment of any kind. Please consult your doctor for medical advice if needed.  Not recommended for persons with heart conditions, pregnant, sensitive skin, open wounds, acne, eczema or general psoriasis, or if you are under going any kind of medical treatment.  Use at your own caution.

This item is not meant for children. Keep out of reach of Children. 

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