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Affiliate Program



Onetify Affiliate & Referral Program Benefits




Details :

  • 5% referral fee per order

  • 30 Days Cookie

  • 15% referral fee on Monthly Selected Items.

  • 30% commission on Onetify Dropship Program




We do not accept sites / social media profiles that promote and/or talk about the following:

 - illegal activities
 - Get rich quick schemes
 - Weapons
 - Hatred
 - Racism
 - Discrimination 
 - Spread hatred thoughts
 - Adult content and services
 - Counterfeit or unauthorized goods
 - Gambling
 - Intellectual property or proprietary rights infringement
 - Regulated products and services
 - Drug paraphernalia
 - High risk businesses
 - Pseudo pharmaceuticals
 - Substances designed to mimic illegal drugs

We reserve the right to remove any affiliate at anytime without prior written notice.


 *transaction will be count 30 days after the action event month. 
Transactions happen on the 1st to the 31st will be count on the 1st of the following months. 
Commission will not be paid if the purchase is fraud, canceled or refund.
Ex: Transaction took place on Jan 15th will be approved for commission on March 1st.