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Wearable Self Defense Wristband Personal Alarm

Wearable Self Defense Wristband Personal Alarm

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Wearable Self Defense Wristband Personal Alarm. Wear it for jogging or any occassion.

Simply pull the the keychain tap then alarm will sound immediately to scare off any stranger near you.

Wristband design makes it convenient for jogging alone. The alarm is equipped with 120dB loud sound which will help alert anyone within the area.

Built in LED , provide you with an extra safety and convenience at night and in dark area.

Compact and lightweight, it can be attached on purse, bag, backpack, keys or simply wear it on your wrist.

Suitable for  jogging, walking, night shift workers, elder people living alone, ladies and children.

Extremely easy to use : Simply pull down the safety buckle to activate the alarm. Simple as that.

Material: Plastic
Color: Black
Sound: 120dB
Battery: Built-in
Length:  Approximately 10.6ïn
Size:  Approximately : 3.0 x  1.6 x  0.7in
Package Weight: approx.55g

Package List:
1 * Alarm with wristband

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