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Magical Zombie Image Changing Ceramic Mug

Magical Zombie Image Changing Ceramic Mug

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This magical image changing mug will surprise your friends when you pour hot liquid into it.  

Once the mug is filled with hot liquid, a Zombie image will appear and freak the person in front of you out.

Material : Ceramic

Heat sensitive material on the mug surface turns color when hot liquid is poured in
 Limit exposure directly to sunlight
 Hand wash (dishwasher not recommended)
 Do not microwave
 Capacity:  11.80oz / 350ml 
Color: Black
 Do not expose under the sun for long time
 Do not scrape on the printing surface with sharp tools
Not suitable for dishwasher machine.
 Water temperature should be over 70°C/158°F5.
Be careful with hot water!
 Don`t scare yourself :) 
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