About us

We are a social global sourcing and shopping platform, designed to provide the best hassle free online experience.  Onetify is designed to assist our clients in 3 specific areas, 1. Dropship, wholesale and online sourcing, 2. Bulk discount shopping and 3. Regular discounted retail shopping.
Dropship, Wholesale & Sourcing
As of September 2018, Onetify supported over 1,000 e-commerce dropshippers/wholesalers and we continue to grow daily.  We truly believe in creating a platform that is easy and convenient for store owners to select products from an extensive inventory database to sell from.  Most importantly, without the obligation of stocking inventory or shipping goods! You focus on developing your business and let us handle your back end.  Learn more about our Dropship Program here.
Bulk Discount Shopping
Bulk buying allows you to get the most for your money. We firmly want all our customers to get the most for their money.  We are constantly sourcing high in demand and new products from quality suppliers.  Our products are sourced from local US suppliers and qualified International providers.
Discount Retail Shopping 
We offer unbeatable discounts for retail shopping in our extensive inventory database.  Sign up for our newsletter for weekly specials!
Credit Financing
We accept Paypal credit which gives you the flexibility to pay over time, or enjoy 6 months of no interest offer from Paypal (to learn more about Paypal credit, please visit Paypal). 
If you are looking to purchase an wholesale order, simply contact us and our wholesale team will contact you directly to provide a tailor made service to fulfill your business requirements.
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