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Waterproof Heated Motorcycle Touch Screen Battery Powered Gloves

Waterproof Heated Motorcycle Touch Screen Battery Powered Gloves

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Battery Powered Heated Biker Gloves. Perfect for Winter.

Waterproof, Touch Screen and Heated via Battery. 

Batteries are store on the pocket of the gloves. 

1 Size : approx 3.4" width with 8" diameter

1. Made with top quality material. Surface is made of water-repellent Vegan leather material, ordinary life waterproof. When the rain and snow get your gloves wet, just dry it in time, the glove is still dry; soft and comfortable coral fleece lining, and the warm effect is good.
2. User-friendly design: widened three-dimensional adjustment sticker, the palm is non-slip and wear-resistant, can quickly adjust and enhance the hand grip strength; the tightening effect is good, prevent cold air from being poured, prevent hot air extravasation; integrated power cable interface design, easy to use .
3. Five-finger hand back heating: thoughtful heating layout, five fingers on the back of the hand are hot, fast heating, threaded wiring design.
4. Intelligent touch screen design: The composite material of the thumb part of the index finger transmits the human body induction through the glove to the screen of the mobile phone, so that wearing gloves in cold winter can also operate the phone simply.
Each battery box (3 AA batteries) should provide approximately 3.5 hours usage.
Packing List:
1 pair heated glove
batteries not included - 3 AA batteries require
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