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Vibrant Translucent 12-Inch Plastic Rulers - 288 Units

Vibrant Translucent 12-Inch Plastic Rulers - 288 Units

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Vibrant Translucent 12-Inch Plastic Ruler - This pack includes 288 shatter-resistant rulers in vibrant colors with clear markings. Sturdy and safe, these rulers are perfect for measuring, drawing, and making learning fun. Each ruler comes individually wrapped. Ideal for classrooms, schools, and offices.

  • Package includes 288 pieces of shatter-resistant straight rulers, providing ample choices for different occasions.
  • Vibrant colors make it easy to locate the ruler and add a lively touch to your desk.
  • Practical and enjoyable gifts that stimulate children's creativity and make learning more fun.
  • Clear marking with black numbers for easy visibility and quick value identification.
  • Sturdy and safe 12-inch rulers with smooth edges, resistant to shattering and gentle on hands.
  • Each ruler individually wrapped in a plastic sleeve for protection.
    Dual-sided ruler with inches and centimeters markings for versatile measurement.
  • Ideal for students to learn about centimeters and inches.
    Suitable for measuring length, drawing geometric figures, and completing math and manual homework.
  • Wide range of applications in classrooms, schools, outdoors, offices, and more.
  • Helps children develop an interest in using rulers and encourages their potential during the learning process.


Material: Plastic
Color: Assorted (as shown in pictures)
Size: Approx. 30 cm/12 inches
Thickness: Approx. 1.5 mm/0.06 inch

Note: The package includes rulers with 6 different colors, each featuring two types of scales - metric (up to 30 centimeters) and inches (up to 12 inches).


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