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Space Saving Portable Washer with UV Sterilization

Space Saving Portable Washer with UV Sterilization

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Make washing easier with this Space Saving Mini Portable Washer! Its collapsible design and dual functions for washing and drying make it perfect for small loads. Plus, enjoy the added benefit of UV sterilization for a worry-free clean. Make laundry day simpler and easier - get your portable washer today!


Save money by avoiding trips to the laundromat.



Innovative Design - Incorporating a unified rubber mold, this latest design minimizes the risk of leaks.

Simplicity in Operation - A single button controls the washing machine, ensuring user-friendly functionality. A simple touch of the button for two seconds triggers the machine's operation. The intuitive touch screen empowers users, enabling them to select their desired time settings with ease.

Compact Folding Design - Folded dimensions: 20.5 x 20.5 x 12cm, featuring a lightweight and compact structure that's effortlessly portable and storable. It fits snugly into suitcases or backpacks, ensuring easy maintenance even during travels.

On-the-Go Ultrasonic Cleaning Appliance - Employing ultrasonic forward and reverse pulsation along, this washing machine cleans your clothes without causing damage. Its dual-powered mechanism effectively eradicates stains, rendering it suitable for baby garments and underwear.

Versatile Application - Constructed using environmentally-friendly ABS and TPR materials, this compact washing machine can accommodate up to 2 kg of clothing weight (in water). It excels at dirt removal, ensuring impeccably clean clothes. Particularly suitable for baby clothing, underwear, towels, socks, toys, and various small items.

UV Sterilization - For cleaner and worry free cleaning


Perfect for washing small items

Machine Operation:

  1. Add a suitable quantity of water (ensuring it's about 3~5cm higher than the clothes' level).
  2. Activate the washer timer, prompting the machine to initiate its automatic operation. The spin cycle involves 10 seconds of forward rotation, followed by a 1-second pause, and then another 10 seconds of reverse rotation, achieving an approximate speed of 280 revolutions per minute.
  3. Once the program completes, the timer resets automatically, and the machine halts its operation.
  4. Open the lower drain to facilitate water drainage.


  • Product Dimensions: 6" x 11.5" x 12"
  • Voltage: 110 Volts
  • Wattage: 153 watts
  • Item Weight: 3.14 lbs
  • Capacity: ‎2 Kilogram
  • Standard Cycles: 1
  • Included Components - ‎Folding washing machine, Drain pipe, Folding drying bucket
  • Plug Outlet
  • Brand: Onetify Home

Package Includes:

1 x Washer

1 x Basket

1 x Adaptor


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