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Personal Alarm Keychain with LED Light

Personal Alarm Keychain with LED Light

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Personal Alarm Keychain with LED Light – your portable guardian for enhanced safety. This compact yet powerful device features a robust 130 dB siren, made to deter potential threats and startle attackers. The integrated LED light further ensures visibility during emergencies, adding a crucial layer of protection.


Designed to cater to various needs, this keychain alarm is ideal for individuals of all ages. It's particularly valuable for seniors, providing them with a direct means of calling for assistance in critical situations. Operating the device is a breeze – a single button press activates the LED light, while a quick pull of the keychain sets off the alarm.

Empower yourself and your loved ones with this versatile and user-friendly safety accessory. Carry it wherever you go to enjoy peace of mind and confidence in your personal security.

Very Easy to operate, press the side button to turn the flash light on, stop it by releasing the button. Pull the Keychain up to activate the alarm and push it back to stop

Size: 85 * 30 * 19 mm
Battery:  2* AAA batteries (batteries not included)

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