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Pudding keycaps set with 165 keys

Pudding keycaps set with 165 keys

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Our Pudding Keycaps Set is designed to transform your keyboard into a stylish and functional masterpiece. With its unique dual-layer design, the translucent keycaps allow for vibrant RGB lighting to shine through, creating an eye-catching visual effect that will make your keyboard stand out from the crowd. Whether you're a gamer, programmer, or simply a keyboard enthusiast, our Pudding Keycaps Set will take your typing experience to a whole new level. 




Compatible Everywhere

Pudding keycaps set features 141 Keys plus 24 brand-exclusive extras, granting total compatibility with 100%, TKL, 65%, and 60% keyboards for maximum versatility.

Durable Doubleshot PBT

These PBT keycaps boast thick walls and offer a textured finish for a luxurious experience that's built to last!

Environmental Keycap Storage Box+keycap Pulle

This pudding keycap set comes with a colorful paper storage box that offers both an eco-friendly and practical way to keep your keycaps in one neat place, allowing you to securely store each one! 

Perfect for PC Gaming

Creating an illuminated extravaganza, this layer enhances your basic RGB keyboard lighting to a sparklingly fancy level! Unleash remarkable backlight effects and upgrade your experience.

Ergonomic Arrangement

R1 to R4 row height, keycap surface tilt, tilt direction are different, curvature to fit the fingers, more comfortable typing.

165 keycaps can be used for most ANSI US layout mechanical keyboards, and any key switch with a cross-shaped axis.165 keys can fit for 61/87/104/108/84/100/98/96 mechanical keyboard.




  • Type: Key Caps
  • Material: Polybutylene Terephthalate
  • Keys Quantity: 165 keycaps
  • Dimensions 9.65 x 5.51 x 1.57 inches
  • Compatible Devices: PC
  • Color: Black


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