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Outdoor Solar LED Lights with Motion Sensor

Outdoor Solar LED Lights with Motion Sensor

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Add this environmentally friendly solar light to your home, featuring 4 Heads Security Lights featuring 242 LED lights with 300 degree illumination angle.  With motion sensor and 3 light modes.



  • Provides 242 bright LED lights, output is 1200lm 6000K high. Brigher than other solar LED lights.
  • Suitable for all weather, made from waterproof design that can withstand rain or snow. No wires needed, simply install fixture to your home with the included screws.
  • Perfect outdoor security for your home, driveway, lawn, garden, patio, cottage, etc
  • 3 Light Modes: Mode 1: Push once on Mode 1, constant light with 50% brightness. Mode 2: Push 2 times, when sensors motion activates 100% super brightness for 15 seconds, then 20% lower brightness. Mode 3: Push 3 times, when senses motion, activates 100% brightness for 15 seconds, then turns off.
  • Solar Light offers a wide lighting area, which can be easily adjusted according to your needs, with 4 head light design. 


Illumination Angle: 300 degree
Color Temp: 6000K
Lifetime: 60000 Hrs
Suitable for: Wall, Patio, Porch, Lawn, Pathway, Garden
Light Mode: 3 Modes
Material: PC and ABS
IP Rating: IP65
Battery Capacity: 2200mAh
LED Chips: 242 LED lights
Operating Temp: -5℃ to 60℃/ 23℉ to 140℉
Lumens: 1200lm
Color: Black
Solar Panel: 5.5V 1.6W


Installation: Select light mode before you install unit.


Note: Make sure to install unit where there is direct sunlight.  Charge until under sunlight for 24-48 hours before you first use it.  Light works differently under different environments depending on exposure to sunlight.




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