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Mini Portable Home Theater Projector 1080P

Mini Portable Home Theater Projector 1080P

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The Mini Portable Home Theater Projector1080p is a versatile and compact entertainment device that brings the big screen experience right into the comfort of your own home. This sleek and stylish projector allows you to enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows, sports events, and video games on a large and immersive display.

With its advanced1080p resolution, the projector delivers stunningly clear and vibrant visuals, ensuring every detail is crisp and lifelike. Whether you're watching a thrilling action movie or a visually stunning documentary, the projector's high-definition capabilities will enhance your viewing experience to the next level.

The Mini Portable Home Theater Projector is designed for convenience and portability. Its compact size and lightweight construction make it easy to carry and set up anywhere you desire. Whether you want to enjoy a movie night in your living room, host outdoor movie screenings, or take it with you on a camping trip, this projector is your go-to entertainment companion.

Equipped with multiple connectivity options, including HDMI, USB, and AV inputs, this projector is compatible with a wide range of devices such as laptops, gaming consoles, smartphones, and DVD players. Additionally, it features built-in speakers, eliminating the need for external audio equipment. However, if you prefer a more immersive audio experience, you can easily connect external speakers or headphones.

The Mini Portable Home Theater Projector also offers convenient control options. It comes with a user-friendly remote control, allowing you to navigate through menus, adjust settings, and control playback from a distance. Alternatively, you can also use the buttons located on the top of the projector for easy access and control.

Overall, the Mini Portable Home Theater Projector1080p is a versatile and feature-packed entertainment device that brings the magic of the big screen to your home. Whether you're a movie enthusiast, a gamer, or simply looking to upgrade your home entertainment setup, this projector is a perfect choice for an immersive and enjoyable viewing experience.


Product Details:

Light source:LED
Lamp Life :More than 20000 hours
Interface: USB x 2 / HD x 1/ AV x 1 /AUX x 1
Picture Formats: JPEG / BMP / PNG
VideoFormats:MPEG1 / MPEG 2/ MPEG4 / RM / RMVB / MOV / MJPEG / DIVX / VOB / MKV
Audio Formats: WMA / MP3 / M4A(AAC) / APE / FLAC / WAV
Power Voltage: AC 100~240V 50/60Hz
HD/VGA/AV 576i/576P/720i/720P/1080i/1080P
Built-in Speaker 3W/4Ω
Compatible with Phone, Computer, Laptop, PC, Tablet PC, Xbox
Product size:7.5 x 6.1 x 3 " 

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