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Korea Della Born Cherry Bubble Cleansing Pads

Korea Della Born Cherry Bubble Cleansing Pads

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Korea Della Born Cherry Bubble Cleansing Pad is a deep cleansing solution designed to detox and nourish skin. Each pad is individually packed and portable, offering a rich source of micro bubbles to eliminate dirt, oil, and makeup. Vitamin-rich cherries and marine collagen help keep skin moist, while the hypoallergenic large embossing pad ensures complete makeup removal.


**this product is being shipped directly from our Korean warehouse, shipping time is approximately 7 to 12 business days


- Hypoallergenic

- Non drying even on sensitive skin

- Large embossing cleansing pad, used on face, eyes, neck and chest

- Detox Cleansing Solution combines: cleansing water, cleansing foam, cleansing oil, cleansing lotion, eye makeup remover

- Infused with vitamins: cherries, marine collagen

- Convenient clean packaging, great for traveling or for people on the go.


1 Box, Includes 30 Cleansing Pads


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