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Inflatable Swimming Pool Palm Tree Drink Holder

Inflatable Swimming Pool Palm Tree Drink Holder

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The Inflatable Swimming Pool Palm Tree Drink Holder, the perfect accessory for poolside relaxation and summer fun. This inflatable drink holder features a palm tree design, adding a tropical touch to your pool experience.

Made from high-quality materials, this drink holder is durable and buoyant, ensuring it stays afloat while you enjoy your refreshing beverages in the water. It can securely hold multiple drinks, keeping them within easy reach while you lounge and soak up the sun.

The compact and lightweight design makes it easy to inflate and deflate, allowing for effortless setup and storage. You can conveniently take it with you to the beach, pool parties, or any outdoor gathering where you want to add a fun and practical element.

Not only does this palm tree drink holder keep your drinks accessible, but it also adds a playful and decorative element to your pool or any water-based activity. It's a must-have for those who want to relax and enjoy their favorite beverages while staying cool in the water.

Upgrade your poolside experience with the Inflatable Swimming Pool Palm Tree Drink Holder and bring a touch of tropical paradise to your next water adventure.


  • 1. Made of high quality PVC material, durable and not easy to break.
  • 2. Gorgeous coconut tree design.
  • 3. Easy to inflate and use. Can be placed in water to stabilize.
  • 4. Suitable for pool or beach party and other tropical theme activities.


  • Material: PVC 
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