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FlexiGrip Tablet and Phone Holder

FlexiGrip Tablet and Phone Holder

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FlexiGrip Tablet and Phone Holder – a versatile and reliable solution for hands-free device usage. Crafted with thicken carbon alloy steel, this holder offers a sturdy and stable structure to securely hold your tablet or phone.

With its 360-degree angle adjustment feature, you can effortlessly position your device at the perfect viewing angle. Whether you're lying in bed, sitting at a table, or even lounging on the couch, this holder ensures optimal comfort and convenience.

Thanks to its stable design, the FlexiGrip Holder can easily attach to the bedside or table, providing a secure and reliable mount for your device. Say goodbye to discomfort and strained arms while watching movies, browsing the web, or video chatting.

The FlexiGrip Tablet and Phone Holder offers a practical and adaptable solution for hands-free device usage. Its thicken carbon alloy steel construction guarantees durability and stability, while the 360-degree angle adjustment allows for customized viewing angles. Enjoy the ultimate convenience of having your device securely held, whether you're relaxing in bed or sitting at a table. Upgrade your device experience with the FlexiGrip Holder today.


  • Type: Desk Holder, Bed Side Holder
  • Material: Carbon Alloy Steel, Silicone
  • Size: length - 29.92 inch
  • Suitable for 4.7 - 12.9 inch mobile phone/tablets
  • Color: White, Black


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