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Portable Mobile Heated Lunch Box

Portable Mobile Heated Lunch Box

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Mini Portable Electric Heated Lunch Box. Convenient to use and always keep your food warm.

Comes with 12V car lighter adapter that you can keep your food warm along with your daily journey. 

Material:ABS / Platsic

Size:  9.84*6.3*4.72"
Power: 40W
Car Plug Working Voltage: 12V
Frequency: 50-60Hz
Capacity: 1.05L

Heating instructions : 
1. Please put cooked food into a container
2. Open the socket slot and insert the power cord
3. Simply power on the device
Note: the heating time depends on the amount of food and indoor temperature.
Heating soup:
1. Please put the cooked soup in the portable electric lunch box.
2. Open the socket slot and insert the power cord.
3. Switching power supply and start heating.

1. It takes approximately 25 minutes to heat the food at 25 ℃. (77F)
2. When the food was originaly from the fridge, heating time may take longer.
3. Please pull out the power cord when finsih heating. 
4. Please open the exhaust cover before heating, if not, internal steam will enlarge the lunch box and lead to hardware damage.



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