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Flash Light LED Gloves Multipurpose

Flash Light LED Gloves Multipurpose

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This multi-use LED flash light gloves, features bright LED lights on the index fingers and thumb. Made from comfortable breathable and stretchy material.  This gloves allows you to conveniently work at night, or in areas with dim lighting and free your hands from holding a flash light.  Ideal for fixing cars, electrical work, fishing, camping or anything that requires both hands.



Convenient - Allows you to use both hands when needed without needing to hold a flash light. Ideal for electrical work, fixing cars, camping, fishing etc.

LED Bright Lights - 2 LED lights on the index finger and thumb.

One Size - Adjustable Velcro allows the gloves to fit all sizes.



Material: Spandex
Battery: 2 x CR2016 - Included

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