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Dragon Storm 7 VR Gaming Stereo 3D Fabric Headset

Dragon Storm 7 VR Gaming Stereo 3D Fabric Headset

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Dragon Storm 7 VR Gaming Stereo 3D Fabric Headset with controller is wrapped with skin friendly fabric, a very unique design. The volume adjustment or phone answering can be done easily but pressing the button keys on top the handset, same as the touch screen button.  The build in stereo headphone can be adjusted up and down and front and back, definitely can fit your face perfectly and comfortably.



Size: 8.3"x 8.85" x 3.9"
Audio: Stereophonic Hi-Fi earphone
FOV: 100 - 110°
Focus: Nearsightedness : 0-600°
Compatible phone: 4.7-6  Inches
3.5mm headphone jack
Package Include: 
1 X 3D VR Virtual Reality Glasses 
1 x Controller
1 X headphone adaptor for iphone
1 X User Manual 



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