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Travels with Charlie - Across the Midwest - 28 Units

Travels with Charlie - Across the Midwest - 28 Units


Mount Rushmore, the Motown museum, a dinosaur trail, and a hot rod showplace are among the fascinating array of well-known, historical, and wonderfully oddball destinations on Charlie's travels. For every state, a selection of Did You Know... facts adds colorful information about the stops along the way. Did you Know... why Missouri is called the "Show-Me- State"? where Kool-Aid was invented? where you can find a 600-pound ball of stamps? And do you think you'll be able to spot the hidden Charlie in every state? The Travels with Charlie series offers a fun introduction to geography. Additionally, the books are an ideal choice for those times when young travelers might get a little squirmy and need something to hold their interest. Where will Charlie go next? That's still in the planning stages! This brand-new addition to the Travels With Charlie series completes the on-the-go pup's tour of the US with visits to 13 Midwestern states!Offers a fun introduction to geography Fascinating aray of wel-know, historical and wonderfully oddball destinations on Charlie's travels Visit 13 midwestern states! Ages 6 and up Due to the global pandemic of the coronavirus, orders are subject to extended processing times. Inventory and delivery may be temporarily unavailable or delayed due to increased demand. - 28 Units

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