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Remote Control 2 Large Wheels Jump Car Toy

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Trendy Remote Control Jump Car Toy makes a perfect gift for Children. Its fun to watch and play this amazing RC toy



It sounds great to race the cars with your children or just let them play the racing games with their partners. This jumping car is not only a toy but also a tool that promotes outdoor playing and family bonding. The super cutting-edge technology enables it to be more accurate than any other RC toy cars' steering. Cool shapes, flexible wheels, and high-speed performance attract lots of kids and adults. You won't be regret to take one. 
Amazing jumping ability 
It spins 90 and 180 degree in less than one second, 360 degree rotation and jumps 80cm high in the air. Besides, the normal functions such as turn right and left, go forward and back are applicable as well 
High performance 
The speed is 7km per hour, cruise time is 20 minutes, transmitting frequency is 2.4GHz and remote control distance reaches 30 to 50 meters 
Flexible wheels 
Press the wheels to make the car narrower and stretch the wheels to make the car wider, you can make it into different shapes 
Music playing 
The car moves with melodies while it is controlled by you, which is cool and attractive to operate it on the road 
Colorful LED lights 
Two colorful LED lights on the top will shine, like eyes of the car to light up the way ahead 
Durable and rechargeable 
With shockproof function, flexible material, and rechargeable batteries, you can use it for a long time

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