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Intoskin Ice Cooling Mask Pack - 4 PCS

Intoskin Ice Cooling Mask Pack - 4 PCS

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Intoskin Ice Cooling Mask Pack cools the temperature of your skin, simply by breaking of folding the sheet mask in half, mask will create a cooling effect. When the skin temperature is increased, skin will lose moisture and elasticity.  That's why its no secret to never wash your face with hot water.  The optimal skin temperature is 31 C or 88 F.


  • Ice Cooling system makes skin temperature cool down
  • This mask sheet gives you 5 Effect (Aqua, Whitening, Silky skin, Health, Revital)
  • Brightening and Moisturizing

    4 pcs

    Made in S. Korea

    All Sheet mask sales are final. 

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