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Indoor Outlet Fast Heating Room Heater

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Indoor outlet fast heating room heater is perfect for small spaces.  Heater operates on a low energy consumption which will not overburden circuits, ideal for the home or office.  Using this heater allows you to warm specific areas without having to heat the entire home or office to conserve on electricity. 




  • Easily set the heater at a specific temperature along of time, and heater will automatically turn off
  • Modify temperature from 60°F - 90°F
  • Programmed to turn on - Switch off heater then click on the "Timer" till the display shows the desired hours.
  • Programmed to turn off - switch on heater, press timer to show your desired time.
  • Safety heat protection, device turns off when unit overheats


Material: Plastic
Input: 110 - 120 V AC 60 Hz 500 W
Temperature range: 60°F-90°F
Size: 4.34 inch x 2.96 inch x 7.09 inch

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