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Dragon ZX5 VR Gaming Stereo 3D Headset

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An Ultimate gaming experience with this unique 3D stereo gaming VR headset 

ZX5 is the new updated model of immersive VR headset form  ZX5 can support smartphone
form 4.7-6.0 inches size(Just for reference, will based on the
smartphone outer shape size when suing),Put the phone into
the device then can experience the panoramic videos, games, 
movies etc.
Size: 11"x 9" x 4.6"
Audio: Stereophonic Hi-Fi earphone
FOV: 120°Max
Focus: Nearsightedness : 0-600°
 farsightedness : 0-200°
Eye distance: 60-72mm
Compatible phone: 4.7-6.0 Inches
Package Include: 
1 X 3D VR Virtual Reality Glasses 
1 X User Manual 

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