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Deluxe Denture Toothbrush - 72 UNITS

Deluxe Denture Toothbrush - 72 UNITS


Deluxe Denture ToothbrushWant ultra white and stain-free dentures? Grab our Deluxe Denture Brush for a super sturdy and grip-fantastic handle that helps older people with less strength in their hands to manipulate the brush and hold on to it easily. Don't settle for cheap denture brushes that dental offices don't recommend. This brush is super high quality, much more so than you would find in other retail stores and guaranteed to work great. 33 tufts with 7 extra tufts on the backside. Color: 4 assorted Product Features: 33 tufts on front and 7 extra tufts on back Packaging: Individually wrapped Quantity: 72 - 72 UNITS

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