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Bamboo Cutting Board Long - 12 Units

Bamboo Cutting Board Long - 12 Units


Long rectangular Bamboo Cutting Board with handle Measures 13 4/3" x 7 1/2" x 3/8" Bamboo is Harder than Maple Denser than wood cutting boards, giving you a more cut resistant surface and less bacteria build-up Conserves Hardwood Forests Note* Bamboo is the fastest growing woody plant in the world. In fact, certain types of bamboo can grow up to 8 feet per day. This astounding growth is because bamboo is a grass - not a tree. When harvested, up to 1/3 of the bamboo will fully grow back within one year. This makes bamboo an excellent alternative to hardwoods.Due to the global pandemic of the coronavirus, orders are subject to extended processing times. Inventory and delivery may be temporarily unavailable or delayed due to increased demand. - 12 Units

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