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3 in 1 Photon Beautifying Machine

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tA multi-functional 3 in 1  Photon beauty machine. An all in 1 beauty device that cleanses, nourishes, tightens, rejunivates and with added red/green/blue light therapy for photo rejunivation which aids in collagen production, acne skin, inflamation.



  • 1 MHz  vibrates 3 million times per second, tightening skin and improving absorbtion of serums and lotions.
  • Ion+: cleanse skin thoroughly: Ion-: nourish skin deeply
  • Red Light photon - wrinkles, collagen, skin tightening, increase blood circulation
  • Green Light photon - aids in breaking down melanin, even skin tone, calming and balancing skin tone
  • Blue Light photon - reduces inflammation & bacteria, preventing future breakouts

Cordless / Rechargeble

Warranty : 90 Days

*results may vary. This is not a medical device. If you experience rash and allergic reaction, stop using the device and consult your medical physician for advice.