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Waterproof Portable Battery Pack with Flash Light

Waterproof Portable Battery Pack with Flash Light

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Powerful 30000mah portal battery bank. Perfect for outdoor , camping and travel. This powerful gadget can boost up your mobile phone, tablets quickly.

With its 30000mah capacity, you never have to worry about running low on battery. 

Built-in high quality environment-friendly Li-ion rechargeable batteries with large capacity and high conversion rate of 88% on average.
- Long lifespan with about 300 times of charging and discharinge.
- With the solar panels on the upper side, it can absorb solar power into electricity.
- With LED light for emergency use, just gently double-click the power button to turn it on.
- With dual USB output interface which charge 2 mobile phone in the same time, and the charging port is water-proof and dust-proof.
- With a carabiner so it`s portable in the outdoor activities, and it`s rechargeable at any time when there is sunlight.
- Wide applicability, very easy to use as a normal power bank, it can be applied to most of the electronic equipment like smartphone, PDA, digital camera, MP3, game consoles, so its a nice stand-by power source when in long-distance travel.

How to Charge:
- Solar charging, place it under the sun and it will be charged - please note the performance will be much slower via solar charge. 
- Connect it with the USB cable to a 5V USB charging port on a adapter, computer or the others.
- The indicate light will be on when it`s full-charged.

- When you use it for the first time, please get it fully charged to get the best lifespan of the batteries. (Do not use solar charge for the 1st time)
- When the battery indicator turns off when charging other devices, it means you should charge the power bank need timely charging.
- When in use, please turn on the electronic device screen an make sure the charging connection flag displaying correctly which ensure a normal work.

- Product name: Solar Power
- Material: Plastic
- Color: Green
- Size: Approx.  6.29"x2.95"x0.59"
- Batteries Type: Lithium-ion polymer batteries
- USB Input: 5V
- USB Output: USB1: DC 5V 1A, USB2: DC 5V 2A
- Power Capacity: 10000mAh

Package Included:
1x Solar Power
1x Carabiner
1x USB Cable
1x User manual
1x Box

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