Checkout with Paypal

Onetify uses Paypal as its choice of payment gateway.

Safe, Secure and Easy.

Here's few basic key benefits and information.

1) You may still pay with credit card or debit card via PayPal checkout. Simply click pay with credit/debit card.

2) Security : PayPal is one of the most advance and well known payment platform. Your information are well protected by PayPal for secure transaction and from the point you enter your credit info to checkout, all information are secure by PayPal and even the merchant (us) will not able to see any of those information.

3) Privacy. We do NOT store any of your payment information. All your credit card info will be process by PayPal only.  Our company will not able to see any of your payment information.

4) Buy now Pay Later. You can simply click Pay with PayPal credit for orders on $99 or above with PayPal credit. 

Got a question? Feel free to contact us at anytime.